Taishan Sports United States | Must-See Taishan Sports’ Facilities in China
Planning a business trip to China? We strongly recommend stopping by our extensive museum and manufacturing and production facilities.
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Must-See Taishan Sports’ Facilities in China

Must-See Taishan Sports’ Facilities in China

If you are considering a business trip to China soon, we strongly recommend a business trip to our factory in Shandong. Here are a few imperative stops to make to ensure a comprehensive and informative trip.

Taishan Sports Museum

Our museum is located in the heart of Laoling City, and covers the heartwarming start of Taishan Sports Industry Group, from the first mats ever made, all the way up to the many prestigious awards Taishan has accumulated over the years. Complete with a dazzling array of bicycles, artificial turn samples, mat booklets, and signed soccer and basketballs (by idols like Yao Ming), this museum is an essential stop on your Taishan Sports Industry Group tour. Be sure to sign our gigantic soccer ball before you leave!

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Additionally, the back end of our museum tour highlights all our state-of-the art gymnastics, track and field, boxing, and weightlifting products. If you wish, spend some time in our iDong Scientific Equipment section and play around with our latest in sports technology.

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Bike Manufacturing Facility

Our 1.3 million square foot state-of-the-art factory offers a one-stop manufacturing process from design, tooling, cutting, painting, and assembly. We pool specific teams and dedicate private spaces for each project. After visiting our manufacturing facility, you will leave with complete understanding of our manufacturing service range.


  1. The first step in our bike manufacturing tour is the cutting stage. We make broad initial cuts of carbon sheets before making more precise and intricate incisions.


  1. Next, each intricate carbon piece is put together in packages to send to the layup process. This makes the process clear and concise and allows this step to be efficient without sacrificing quality control.

161216-layuppic2 161216-layuppic1

  1. Then comes the molding step in which we use a monocoque bladder mold. This step allows and carbon and resin to harden and hold any shapes or design requirements an engineer creates for your project.

161216-moldingpic 161216-moldingpic1 161216-moldingpic2

  1. During this next machining step, any excess material gets taken off, and holes get drilled in their exact positions.

161216-machiningpic1 161216-machiningpic2

  1. Next, is the sanding step. Here, the surface of each frame or component gets smoothed down and prepped for applying putty, primer,  and paint.


161216-sanding1 161216-sanding2 161216-sanding3


  1. After washing off the frames and components and hanging them up to dry, then comes the painting and decal application process. We have 3 Kawasaki painting robots, as well as a team of employees to customize your decal application.

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Taishan Sports Artificial Turf Factory

Our artificial turf products have good water permeability and durability thanks to our extensive manufacturing process and quality control. Visiting this factory will highlight the extensive care and attention to detail that goes into every inch of our turf.

161216-artificialturfpic5  161216-artificialturfpic3 161216-artificialturfpic2 161216-artificialturfpic1


Taishan Sports Mat Factory

Our mat product line is where our entire company began its story. It all started when the Chairman, Bian Zhiliang, made his first mat in the comfort of his own home.  Now, our product line has expanded to childrens play mats, yoga mats, water heating mats, outdoor mats, and of course, gymnastics, taekwondo, judo, and wrestling mats.

161216-matpic2 161216-artificialturfpic4161216-matpic4 161216-matpic5

Please do not hesitate to give us a ring or send over an e-mail if you would like to visit our company facilities!

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