Taishan Sports United States | Taishan Sports Supports Puerto Rican Boxing Tournament, Forging National Team
To ensure Puerto Rico puts their best foot forward at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Puerto Rican Preselection Tournaments were held this Sunday to weave out their top competitors.
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Taishan Sports Supports Puerto Rican Boxing Tournament, Forging National Team

Taishan Sports Supports Puerto Rican Boxing Tournament, Forging National Team

At the Cosimo Beitía Sálamo de Cataño Coliseum, the brothers, José and Omar Rosario, Joseph Laboy, and Richard Diaz won each of their respective matches at Torneo Nacional de Boxeo on Saturday, Feb 18, qualifying them for a national preselection tournament in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In a stellar fight between the youngest Rosario brother, Omar, and Lemuel Class, Omar won by a 5-0 vote and was crowned National Junior Welterweight Champion. Omar trains in the club of Bairoa of Caguas, under the tutelage of Evangelista “Cano” Cotto.

Omar Rosario

A graduate of Industrial Engineering, Jose was crowned as the reigning champion in the 60 kilos (132 pounds) division in a 3-2 vote versus Luis Valentín.

Meanwile, in the 75 kilos division, Luis Rodríguez and Wilfredo Negrón, Jr dueled it out, leaving Negrón’s left eye with multiple injuries.

Wilfredo Negrón, Jr (blue), Luis Rodríguez (red)

The flyweight division concluded with a duel between mentor and trainee. During which, Alfredo Cruz surpassed Billy Rosario 5-0. Cruz’s corner was lead by Victor Cotto, who worked with coach Jim Pagan, corner head of Rosado, until 2016.

“All I know of boxing, I owe to this gentleman,” said Cotton on Pagan following the match.

The final fight of the welter division was between Richard Diaz and left-hander, Bryan Polanco. After a tense fight, Diaz managed to overcome Polanco, resulting in a 3-2 outcome.

Kiria Tapia, the Gold Medalist of Panamericano 2011 also came to support the competition.

“We are evaluating the guys who are competing to establish who will represent Puerto Rico. In March, we will have a friendly match with Canada for a tournament from May 11th to 13th. There we are shaping the national team with a view to eventually dominate the Bolivarian Games that are in November, “said the President of the Puerto Rican Federation of Boxing (FPB), Jose ‘Chicky’ Laureano Sepúlveda.

“There are a lot of youth with quality, who went to the World Cup. It’s a working group with potential.”


As AIBA Innovation and Year of Africa Partner, Taishan Sports has been chosen to work with the FPB thanks to Taishan’s extensive background and reputation in the boxing manufacturing industry. Taishan Sports is the largest AIBA Approved products manufacturer in Asia. With the launch of Taishan’s new, innovative portable boxing ring and Taishan’s amicable relationship with major champions in the boxing industry, the FPB believes Taishan will help put Puerto Rico Boxing on the international radar. While Puerto Rican boxers have set many worldwide records, being known as the cradle of boxing champions, the FPB hopes to further enhance their prestigiousness as a result of partnering with Taishan.



“It is very inspiring to visit some of the best coaches in Puerto Rico such as Angela Magana and Gabriel Lamastus who made it their mission to give back to the local community by teaching boxing at the basketball court by the old fortress.  Now they are building a new gym by the ocean front with their own bare hands…  Anything is possible with their dedication”, said Sean Peng, the CEO of Taishan Sports United States.

Boxing is so important to this country that they passed a bill allowing a $600 monthly pension to offer assistance to down-and-out boxers on the island in 1996.

“It was the least we could do,” said Ramon Luis Rivera Jr., Puerto Rico’s Commonwealth Senator and Chairman of the committee that drafted the bill. The FPB hopes to mesh their boxing culture with Taishan’s goal to help the world enjoy sports.

Jose “Chicky” Laureano is the newly elected President of the Puerto Rican Federation of Boxing.  A former professional boxer, he is known for his swift action and big ideas.  For only a few months, he has already put many of his marketing and media ideas and plans in place, aiming to promote the boxing sports in Puerto Rico like never before. Laureano also puts a big focus on the training for the boxers as well as the coaches.  He is busy planning on the 2017 upcoming tournament and overseas training trips for his clubs.  Taishan Sports is committed to support Puerto Rico boxing and work with President Laureano in supporting his boxers and clubs.


Visit Federation of Puerto Rico Boxing Facebook here.

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