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To help alleviate the risks that come with the sport of Gymnastics, Taishan Sports greatly prioritizes the safety of all equipment users, and often includes these characteristics in their gymnastics products. For example, Taishan Sports feature layers of shock-absorbing material, anti-slip surfaces, protected end mats, high-tensile spring, and 3-point locking devices.
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What Safety Features to Look for In Gymnastics Equipment

What Safety Features to Look for In Gymnastics Equipment

Gymnastics is known for its specific, dynamic, and almost acrobatic movements which require an extremely high level of skill and strength. Each gymnastic category comes with a serious amount of risks, whether an athlete is competing or training. When a gymnast is practicing and fine tuning their skills, each fluid movement can come with many small mistakes which then lead to long-term injuries and accidents. To help alleviate this problem, modern gymnastics equipment often come with specific safety features to ensure the safety of athletes around the world. Taishan Sports greatly prioritizes the safety of all equipment users, and often includes these characteristics in their gymnastics products.

  1. Layers of Shock-Absorbing Materials

According the rules of pommel horse routines, both legs should be swung together in full rotations, while keeping the body horizontal to the ground. Since gymnasts are not allowed to pause during routines, every movement should be precise, and one small mistake could result in the gymnast falling straight on the pommel horse. The material of our competition, training, and low pommel horses feature a polyurethane trunk that is wrapped with high-density XPE foam for maximum shock-absorption effect and to dampen the athlete’s fall.
Additionally, to perform a vault, a gymnast will usually run down a runway, jump on a springboard, and spring onto a vaulting buck with their hands. This routine puts great importance on the materials used to manufacture a vaulting buck. To help athletes prevent spraining or breaking their fingers and wrists, Taishan Sports’ vaulting bucks are also wrapped with XPE foam and finished with genuine cowhide leather.

  1. Anti-Slip Surfaces

Anti-slip material is especially important in gymnastics platforms, artistic, and rhythmic floors. Any wrong movement on a gymnastics platform or floor could cause a gymnast to slip and fall straight on their backs. To ensure full safety of a gymnast, Taishan Sports’ rhythmic and competition artistic floor exercise systems contains laminated parquets and their carpets provide anti-slip resistance. These materials significantly reduce the risk of breaking or spraining any joints and bones.

  1. Protected End Decks and Mats

When gymnasts are trampolining, they can very easily fall forward or backward when performing acrobatics in the air. To dampen their fall, our standard trampolines come with a special protection mat to ensure that when an athlete misses the trampoline they will be caught by the protection mats.

  1. High-tensile Springs

High tensile springs are essential for gymnastics equipment like trampolines and springboards. Since trampolines are used for practicing tricks and flips, the amount of height and momentum the athlete catches are extremely important. Not to mention, the amount of resilience the trampoline’s spring provides can properly shift their weight accordingly and greatly benefit their muscle and bone health. Our standard trampolines and soft and hard competition springboards have high-quality tensile springs. Additionally, our children’s hexagonal and round trampolines have 36 and 39 pieces of tensile springs, respectively.

  1. Three-Point Locking Devices

Three-point locking devices guarantee the stability of equipment like parallel bars, spotting benches, uneven bars, horizontal bars, balance beams, and ring sets. All these products include comprehensive three system locking devices to not only ensure zero unsteadiness when an athlete is practicing or competing, but to also allow easy height adjustments. These effectively immobilizes the entire equipment frame and increases the security of the frame thanks to one single device.


Gymnastics is a sport that requires a great deal of concentration and capability. When an athlete is practicing, he or she cannot be distracted or worried about their safety or their performance will not be up to par or in a worst case scenario, they can be seriously injured. By making sure your gymnastics equipment includes these many safety features, both an athlete and gym owner can feel at ease. Taishan Sports prioritizes a gym owner’s concerns by constantly working to guarantee an athlete’s well-being, thus helping the world enjoy sports.

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