Taishan Sports United States | How Taishan Sports Delivers the Best of Sports Manufacturing from China
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How Taishan Sports Delivers the Best of Sports Manufacturing from China

How Taishan Sports Delivers the Best of Sports Manufacturing from China

In today’s industrial industry, American businessmen are encouraged to develop their oversees manufacturing efforts in modern China; “this is the world’s largest growing economy; this is the future; our company must expand here or else it will perish- and perhaps most importantly of all, [because] doing business in China is easy”, says Paul Midler.

However, successful business never comes easy, no matter where the transaction is taking place. Here, we take a close look at some possible manufacturing concerns and how Taishan Sports is invalidating those concerns.


Question: How are products inspected at Taishan Sports?

Answer: We have an extensive and thorough quality control process, which not only complies with international organizations like ISO or FIG, but it also goes beyond those requirements and sets a new precedent for international sporting goods quality standards. We conduct a range of tests: Handlebar Fatigue, Vibration Fatigue, ST Fatigue, Frame BB Fatigue, Frame HT Fatigue Horizontal, Frame Impact, Frame Front-Rear Falling, and Paint Test. A full video of our quality control examinations can be found below.

Question:  How does Taishan build trust within long-term relationships?

Answer:  Sending a trusted business partner or colleague to act as an internal QC inspector will help solidify the relationship. Taishan Sports Industry Group always welcomes guests who wish to visit our facilities in China. Whether it is Taishan Ruibao Composite Material Co. Ltd. (carbon bike offices and factory) or Taishan Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (Equipment factory), we dedicate specific tour guides to walk guests through each facility and all manufacturing processes they wish to see. This way, the end-user can directly work with Taishan and guarantee that they will be delivering exactly what is expected of them.


Question:  How does Taishan manage the production process and ensure top quality?

Answer:  At Taishan Sports, we offer complete R&D research, which set the world sports quality standards. We have a total of 3 R&D Research Institutes: China Enterprise Technology Center, National Sporting Goods Engineering Technology Research Center, and Post-Doctoral Research Station. Our R&D focus, also enables us to offer bike production resources using aviation-grade materials, while simultaneously being environmentally conscious. Additionally, we utilize systems engineering technology, stable process technology, and QR code tracking to produce race-worthy hybrid carbon fiber bicycles.


Question: How does Taishan communicate with their clientele?

Answer:  Our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area offer single points-of-contact to ensure seamless communication. We are dedicated to prioritizing the needs of our end-users and will work to guarantee all details including materials, dimensions, color, finish, logos, and paint exceed expectations. We delve into great, almost painful, details on your drawings and hold discussions to confirm every detail before production begins.


Our state-of-the-art factories in Shandong, China are available to support all OEM/ODM or complete product requirements. Taishan Sports works day and night to guarantee top quality products, which have garnered international recognition from associations like FIG, FISU, and AIBA. Our products are not only made of environmentally-friendly materials, but they are also engineered using the most advanced technology. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and request a catalog or price quote today!



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