Taishan Sports United States | Bicycles
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Taishan Sports produces high-quality mountain and road carbon bicycles and components like stems, forks, handle bars, seat posts, and road rims.
Our state-of-art bicycle factory provides OEM/ODM and complete bike services for some of the world’s top brands.

Our Process

We guarantee the highest quality bikes by utilizing the following technologies:

Hybrid Composites, High Gradient Modulus, EPS Technology, Ultrasonic NDT, All-in-One Molding, Full EPA, Total Carbon Five Port, Cavitary Frame, Finite Element Analysis, Aerodynamic.


Taishan’s in hour brand Pardus bike frames and forks are UCI approved.

Our Heritage

Taishan Sports Industry Group, the parent company of Pardus, has been making the top professional quality sports equipment for 40 years. Taishan Sports is the Official Supplier of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. After 40 years of hard work and determination, Taishan Sports Industry Group tells their story of going from a small company to a global sensation and redefined the concept of “Created in China.”

Our Honor

At the 2016 Game in Brazil, Chinese riders Zhen Wang finished 32nd on our Pardus 29″ M5 and Ping Yao rode the M3 27.5″ in the Mountain Bike Cross Country finals, placing Taishan Sports in the record books. Both frames were crafted at our state-of-the-art factory in Shandong China, where Pardus frames go through a strict inspection process to produce the highest quality carbon bike on the market.

OEM/Private Label

Frame building is a collaborative process. That is why, with the support of three of China’s best Research and Development institutes; China Enterprise Technology Center, National Sporting Goods Engineering Technology Research Center and Post-Doctoral Research Station, Taishan Sports is committed to the development and application of high performance carbon composite bicycles. Advanced aviation materials, systems engineering technology, and stable process technology were all used in the production of our hybrid carbon fiber bicycles. All frames and components are tested multiple ways to assure thorough and consistent quality. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our manufacturing process, standards, and facilities.

Award Winning

Taishan Ruibao Composite Materials received the China Outstanding Industrial Gold Award for our Pardus TT frame design, becoming the first bike brand to receive this honor in over three decades. Taishan Ruibao has been known for their strong research and development, experience with international collaborations, and focus on customer experience, all of which adhere to the Industrial Design standards. Their TT frame was recognized because of it’s recycled carbon fiber, hybrid composites, all-in-one molding, graphene bottom bracket, aerodynamic design, and high-gradient modulus carbon fiber.