Taishan Sports United States | The largest pro sports equipment manufacturer in Asia. FIG, UWW, AIBA, IJF, WTF, IAAF Approved.
FIG, UWW, AIBA, IJF, WTF, IAAF Approved Equipment Manufacturer
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Sports Equipment

The largest sports equipment manufacturer in Asia for:  Gymnastics, Judo, Wrestling, Weightlifting, Boxing, Taekwondo, Wushu, and Track & Field.  Taishan’s sports equipment have been certified by many international sports federations, and have been seen at events such as:  Asian Games, Asia Gymnastic Championship, and Universiade.
Taishan is the official equipment supplier for 2017 Universiade for Gymnastics, Judo, Taekwondo, Wushu Track & Field, Artificial Turf and iDong Gym.


Taishan has grown to become an FIG approved gymnastic equipment manufacturer. Since 1978, Taishan has supplied numerous international events such as the 1989 Southeast Asian Games, 1990 Beijing Asian Games, 2003 Asia Gymnastic Championship, and 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Our FIG Approved products include: High Bars, Parallel Bars, Uneven Bars, Horizontal Bars, Pommel Horses, Balance Beam, Competition Rings, Vaulting Tables, Tumbling Tracks, Springboards, Competition, Platforms, Rhythmic Floors, Artistic Floors, and Landing Mats.

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Taishan Sports’ wrestling products have earned trust from international organizations like UWW. Our wrestling products have been seen at major events such as The Asian Games, World Wrestling Championships, and the Game in Brazil in 2016.
Our UWW Approved wrestling products include: Competition Wrestling Mats and Wrestling Platforms.

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Taishan Sports has supplied wrestling products for events such as The Incheon Asian Games, National City Games, and the Game in Brazil in 2016.
Our weightlifting products are as follows: Weightlifting Platforms, Barbells and Barbell Racks, Bench Press Racks, Bench Pull Racks, Pulling Blocks, Kettle Bells, Handstand Racks, and Stretching Machines.

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Taishan Sports’ vast array of boxing apparatus’ have garnered recognition from the International Boxing Association, and most recently their Innovation Partners, AIBA. Our boxing products have been used in events such as the 6th National City Games, 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics, and the Game in Brazil in 2016.

Our AIBA approved products include: Competition Boxing Rings, Boxing Gloves, and Headguards. Other products include: Training Rings, 4-Station Gyms, Free-standing Heavy Bags, Dummies, Speed Balls and Punching Bags, Gloves and Mittens, Groin Guards, Helmets, Shorts, and Tank Tops, Hand Wraps, and Mouth Guards.

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Taishan Sports has garnered recognition from the international association, IJF. Taishan’s Judo products have been seen at events like The 2014 Incheon Asian Games, The 2015 Judo Championships in Astana, The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games, The 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the Game in Brazil in 2016.
Our Competition Mats are IJF approved. We also provide other products like Training Mats, High Platforms, Targets, Dummies, Uniforms, Ropes and Belts.

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Taishan Sports produces many Taekwondo products that are WTF approved. They have been used in competitions like The 2007 6th National City Games, The 2009 11th National Games, The 2010 Asian Games, and The 2014 World Taekwondo Grand Prix.

Our WTF approved products include: Square and Octagon-Shaped Mats, KP&P Electronic Body Protectors, KP&P E-Foot Protector and Scanner, KP&P Electronic Foot Protector, KP&P Receiver, and KP&P Judge’s Box, Kyorugi Uniforms, and Poomsae Competition Uniforms. We also provide other products such as Women’s, Men’s, and Unisex Doboks and Dans.



Taishan Sports manufactures Wushu Field’s which have been patented nationally and appointed by the Chinese Wushu Association, World Wushu Association, and The 2008 The 9th World Wushu Championships, The National City Games, and National Games.

Our product lines include the following: Fields, Broad Swords, Standard Swords, Double Swords, Double Broad Swords, Acting Broad Swords, Southern Broad Swords, Competition Rods, Sparring Spears, Apparatus Racks, and Training Uniforms.

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Track and Field

Taishan Sports produces the highest quality competition grade equipment for track and field, which are certified by IAAF. Our track and field products have been seen at major events such as The 26th Shenzhen Summer Universiade, IAAF World Championships, and the Game in Brazil in 2016.

Our track and field IAAF certified products are as follows: Track Kerb, Stop Board, Relay Baton, Pole Vault Box, Javelin, Shot, Discus, Take-Off Board, Throwing Circle, Discus Throw, Shot Put, and Hammer.